About Potley Hill Preschool

Potley Hill Community Preschool began in 1979 and has grown and developed beyond recognition during that time.   The preschool is a registered charity,  managed by a committee.  Located on the Frogmore Community Campus on Reading Road, we are easily accessible for families living in Yateley, Blackwater, Sandhurst, Hawley and the surrounding areas. There is plenty of on-site parking to help with drop off and pick up.

We welcome children from 2 years to school age and provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which your child can learn and develop.  Using the Curiosity Approach, our setting is set up with authentic resources and provocations to spark and encourage imaginative play.  We have extensive use of the campus grounds for walks and good links with Potley Hill Primary school – we take the children over to see the Reception childrens’ Christmas production; Frogmore College – we take the children to the library where older children read to them; and Frogmore Day Centre – the children visit the older people to sing songs, read stories and play games.

We operate a keycarer and co-keycarer family system to make sure all the children/parents have a familiar ‘go to’ adult (or adults).   Each week we have Focus Children and ask their parents to let us know about events and celebrations (with photos if possible) so that we can all talk to the children about what is going on at home and really get to know them well.

We enjoy ‘in the moment’ planning to explore all the different directions the children’s play can take and we have visitors whenever possible, like the fire brigade, lollipop lady and dentist !

We do so much for the children, too much to list here – so please come and visit us and we’ll tell you more.

Activities at Potley Hill Preschool

Fees and Funding

Breakfast club includes breakfast and costs £3.50*.  Lunch club does not include food (children bring a packed lunch) and costs £6.20*.   A 2-course hot lunch may be booked for £2.90.

The hourly fee is £6.20 (or free if eligible for government funding subsidy) plus 30p per hour for all hours attended*, payable in advance, termly or by monthly instalments, or by Tax Free Childcare payments / Childcare Vouchers.

(Fees are subject to change from time to time when reviewed by the Committee).

*Additional charge for the Parent Plus Programme

There is a non-refundable booking fee of £50 payable on application.  For this we supply an eco tote bag for us to return soiled or wet clothing, a recyclable water bottle and a t-shirt with our logo to help save your clothes.  This fee also helps set up Parent Plus and contributes towards all the personalised labels and displays which will develop their sense of belonging at Preschool.

The high practitioner to child ratio ensures that we are not only always compliant with statutory requirements but we are able to provide excellent levels of attention to the children. Fees continue to be payable even if the child is absent. This is because staffing rotas have to be organised termly and will not be altered if a child is absent.

Every child’s place at Preschool is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees. If a child is withdrawn for whatever reason from the Preschool, 4 weeks written notice is required and fees are payable during this notice period.

The Preschool offers Government Funded Subsidy – please refer to the option ‘Government Funding’

Admission and Opening Hours

Government Funding

Parent Plus Programme

Potley Hill Preschool is not just about childcare and following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We understand that parenting is a complex issue and children do not come with a ‘How to’ manual. What we provide is a Parent Plus service which is designed to give parents added support and flexibility.

Our Parent Plus Programme gives you online access to the Learning Book online system in which we record your child’s progress in words, pictures and video.  Parents can also add to the Learning Book with photographs and comments from home.  This is a lovely way to show parents what is happening at preschool and also how parents can let us know what your child is achieving at home. A hard copy of this book (and a USB stick of the videos) can be purchased direct from Learning Books.  We will also provide an electronic (.pdf) copy of the photographs and keycarer observations when your child leaves.

Twice a year we hold Parent Consultation evenings where parents are invited into preschool (please find a babysitter for your child(ren) so that we can have undisturbed time), to discuss your child’s progress and any concerns or queries you may have.

Keycarers are generally available from 5.30 – 7.30pm and you will be asked to choose a time slot that suits you.  We do our very best to make sure we can see as many parents as possible as close to their choice as possible.

We may also ask you to complete a Parents Questionnaire at the Parent Consultation evening.  We value your input and feedback to everything we do at preschool – your opinions and requirements help shape everything that we do.

Our Parent Plus Programme allows you to add sessions during the term (subject to availability) rather than having to wait until the beginning of the next term, which helps if domestic arrangements change.

You are also able to book chargeable Ad Hoc sessions (subject to availability) so that your child can attend one off sessions to cope with unexpected childcare issues or just to give parents the opportunity of a ‘child free’ few hours to shop, attend appointments or just have a quiet cuppa!

If you are claiming the government funded subsidy, you are able to include breakfast club and lunchclub in government funded subsidy hours. These sessions would otherwise be charged at our normal session rate.

We will also waive the booking fee for a second sibling signing up to attend preschool at the same time as their older sibling.

And when your child leaves to go to big school we will give you a final memento of an electronic presentation of your child’s last week weeks with his friends and the staff at preschool.

Parents may opt out of Parent Plus.  If opting out, parents will not have access to the above benefits of Parent Plus, but will be supplied with printout developmental assessments twice a year, and will be able to access government funding subsidised hours only during the morning or afternoon sessions only (ie not breakfast club, lunchtime or extended hours).  The signing of an opt out agreement will be required.

Whilst we are all on hand to talk to parents at drop off times and pick up times, we also understand some working parents, or partners, may find it hard to get to preschool. Apart from our Parent Plus Programme benefits of access to the online Learning Book and twice yearly Parent Consultations, we address this by trying to engage in other ways;

Our website is at www.potleyhill-preschool.co.uk and we aim to keep it up to date with useful information. Do let us know if you have any feedback on information you would like to see on the website!

We have a Facebook page to show what’s going on at preschool and a Parents Facebook page so you can exchange ideas, events and information

and our Facebook page is linked to our Twitter account, so you won’t miss anything if Twitter is your ‘thing’ !

We produce newsletters which give updates on preschool events and reminders about forthcoming activities. These are available in the lobby, are emailed home and are also on our website.

We actively seek your involvement in the preschool and welcome parents to our half termly committee meetings.  Skills such as IT, finance, business, childcare, fundraising, PR are especially welcome !!


Please drop us a line and we will get straight back to you!