We realise ‘term time only’ isn’t always convenient for working parents and provision for early years holiday club can be very hard to find.  Our Early Years Holiday Clubs, which run through the school holidays, are for children from 2 years old; we have high adult to child ratios and highly qualified staff ensuring the children are safe, engaged and having fun all the time.


Some nice words from our parents:

“…has had an amazing time at Holiday Club.  Thank you so much to the staff for making it such fun!”

“.. all they talk about at home is Holiday Club”

“… enjoyed every second of Holiday Club.  It has given him the confidence to make lots of new friends”

“…so worn out I’ve had to wake him up in the mornings which doesn’t normally happen”

Welcome to the Potley Hill Early Years website…

I’m Andrea and I’ve been the manager at Potley Hill Early Years since September 2018.  I am NNEB trained and have a BA (hons) degree in Early Years Education.  With over 25 years of opportunities and experience in Early Years I am lucky enough to be able to create a setting filled with authentic treasures and open ended materials.  Together with my passionate and forward thinking tribe of staff, we bring a mix of Montessori, Steiner, Reggio Emilia and Te Whariki philosophies to our environment.

Our beautiful natural environment gives our children plenty of opportunities to have real life, authentic experiences.  We work together from the heart to create a community based on a culture of respect for the environment, all living creatures and each other.  Our children are welcomed into a stimulating, well-resourced and natural environment that awakens their creativity and helps them develop a wide range of skills, we teach our children how to think, not what to think!

We are so proud that we are now an Accredited Curiosity Approach Setting !

We have created a magical environment and love to show it off, I’m sure you and your child will enjoy your journey with us creating the thinkers and doers of the future.

Welcome to our virtual tours of Preschool and Forest School

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Our Setting

We are extremely proud of our setting! Here is a selection of images to give you a feel for both inside the building and the outside features.

You are, of course, very welcome to come and see for yourself…


The Curiosity Approach

The Curiosity Approach – Be Curious, Have Fun, Make a Difference – is a modern day approach to Early Childhood. Taking parts from Reggio, Steiner, Te Whāriki with a sprinkle of Montessori.

We create an environment and culture of curiosity, awe and wonder – embedded at the heart of our setting.  An extension of home, not a watered down version of school!

Holistic Health

We are aiming for healthy bodies, healthy minds and a healthy planet ….

The children in our setting can enjoy a breakfast of wholegrain cereal with a low-GI value, which benefits overall health and protects teeth.  Children bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable for each snacktime which is presented as a supervised, rolling buffet, full of vitamins!  Packed lunches may be provided, but we can supply a carefully planned and nutritionally balanced 2-course hot lunch from our catering partners.  Water bottles are always available for the children and they are prompted to drink constantly throughout the day.


In the moment planning

Anna Ephgrave, In the Moment Planning’ guru, describes fully engaged children as being happy, independent, confident, unique, taking risks, taking the lead, communicating, challenged, creative, secure, curious, persistent, sociable, enthusiastic and other similar words. She continues by stating that: A child who is happy can become deeply engaged; A child who is challenged will be deeply engaged; A child who is not being controlled by adults will be deeply engaged; A child who feels secure will be deeply engage.


Forest School

The Forest School approach to learning in the outdoors is rooted firmly in the key progressive education theorists of the past one hundred and fifty years – from Froebel to Steiner, Vygotsky to Montessori, Dewey to Gardner – all of them put the child at the centre of their own learning; all talk of the importance of children being allowed to explore the world, in woodlands or wild spaces with appropriate support.

Our setting promotes environmental awareness as well as respect and responsibility for the world around us as we explore the woodland areas, natural habitats and open spaces within the boundaries of the campus.



Flexibility For Parents

Being accessible and flexible for parents is very important.  Please see our Parent Plus programme for more details.

  • Our After School Club and Holiday Club is open to children aged 2 – 6 whether or not they normally attend the setting.
  • We offer termtime 15 and 30 hours government funding subsidy and 2 year old funding.
  • We accept childcare vouchers and parents can pay with tax credits.
  • We are open 8am – 6pm for all-day or sessional booking
  • Ad Hoc sessions can be arranged for one off bookings (subject to availability)


Every so often we have an OFSTED inspection, which enables us to receive government funding for our 2, 3 and 4 year olds. We are very proud of our Pre-School achievements. Justifiably so – according to OFSTED:

“Children make outstanding progress in relation to their developmental starting points, which successfully prepares them for their future and starting school.”