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We are passionate about what we do here and have seen many changes over the years. We have worked very hard as a team to bring the very best to the children in our care. We are extremely proud of our wonderful staff whose friendly caring manner encourages the children to thrive. A happy child will learn, and that is the ethos of Potley Hill Preschool. There is always lots of laughter as the children learn through play. We do have structure and rules and that is a very important part of the childrens’ learning. In fact, many people have commented on how well behaved our children are – and we’re proud of that too.

We are so pleased to have been recognised with an ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.  we are over the moon!

So we really hope that you and your child enjoy your journey with us.

We hope you find answers to all your questions in these pages, but if not, please just pick up the phone and ask – 01252 869944.  We also have two Facebook pages that really show our preschool off.

There is the Potley Hill Preschool one, where we update parents on upcoming events and show what we have been up to at preschool:

Potley Hill Preschool Facebook

Then there’s our Parents of Potley Hill Preschool page which is for our parents to share just about anything child related that they are interested in:

Parents of Potley Hill Preschool Facebook

Please have a look !

Our Setting

We are extremely proud of our setting! Here is a selection of images to give you a feel for both inside the building and the outside features. You are, of course, very welcome to come and see for yourself…



Every so often we have an OFSTED inspection, which enables us to receive government funding for our 2, 3 and 4 year olds. We are very proud of our Pre-School achievements. Justifiably so – according to OFSTED:

“Children make outstanding progress in relation to their developmental starting points, which successfully prepares them for their future and starting school.”

“Children are exceptionally motivated, confident and independent in their play because staff provide them with a wealth of exciting indoor and outdoor resources and activities.”

“Staff work very effectively in partnership with parents to provide them with resources and ideas to continue children’s learning and development at home.”

“Staff provide children with an excellent role model due to their calm interaction and communication with children.”

“Staff focus strongly on helping children learn to be polite, listen to each other and take turns. Consequently, children are extremely well behaved.”

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