Forest School Experience

Our base camp is in a beautiful woodland area, that we use for play, exploration and camp-fires. There is a host of natural wildlife at the site including pheasant, foxes, rabbits and squirrels, as well as an abundance of bird species.

Whilst at Forest School the children will enjoy a range of structured activities as well as closely supervised unstructured play. Each session has a flexible plan; however, the plans will be kept open and fluid, so they can very much be guided by events, and by what the children want to do as each Forest School session will be unique.

Examples of the types of structured activities the children will do are:

¨ Sensory games
¨ Flora and Fauna identification
¨ Den building
¨ Tool use
¨ Knot tying
¨ Animal tracking
¨ Forest crafts
¨ Camp fires
¨ Basic cooking
¨ Obstacle courses
¨ Sketching
¨ Bark rubbing

Forest Experience
Forest School

We make the most of the unique resources available by using lots of natural materials, working (with appropriate levels of adult support) with tools and fires, and encouraging high levels of independence and team work.   We begin with getting to know the woodland area, our boundaries and what keeps us safe.

What they will need to bring:

A packed lunch in an insulated lunchbox with an ice pack- (with as little packaging as possible)

Large water bottle (about 500mls), filled with water – not juice – which they can open themselves. On hot days the children do drink a lot of water.

Small waterproof rucksack.  The children will be expected to carry everything they need in their own rucksacks.

Spare clothes.  Please pack in your child’s bag a spare set of clothes (top trousers, pants, socks) so they can be changed if necessary.

What they will need to wear:

Long sleeved top or sweatshirt and a fleece. Your child will need a long-sleeved top throughout the year, including summer. Legs and arms must always be covered, even when it is warm and dry. This helps to prevent ticks, stings and bites. Leggings are not a thick enough layer to prevent stings etc so should be avoided in summer months when the children are unlikely to wear waterproof trousers – jogging bottoms are perfect.

A good quality waterproof coat and separate trousers. The children will be out for several hours at a time. They will need a water proof (not shower-proof) coat as we will still go out on rainy days. All-in-ones are not suitable, as the children will need to remove bottom layers for toileting.

Warm hat and woollen gloves when it is cold. Two pairs of gloves are better than one pair of thick ski gloves. Forest school is a hands on experience so the children will need to be able to feel and use their fingers at all times-ski gloves generally restrict movement and children can not grip tools or hold hands easily so please avoid these.

Sun hat (when it is sunny) with a legionnaire flap if possible.  Please apply sunscreen before coming (we can top up if necessary).

And please remember to name all belongings


We know plans change so you can cancel or change booking dates for FREE up to 7 days before Holiday Club/Forest Experience starts (ie by close of business Monday for the following Monday).  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for bookings that are cancelled within 7 days of the start of the Holiday Club/Forest Experience as we will have already staffed our service based on the bookings we have received. You can move your dates within the same Holiday Club/Forest Experience week, subject to availability.  New bookings can be made up to and including the day before, subject to availability.

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