Christmas is coming

The weeks are rolling by and we are now into the second half of our Autumn term. It’s the time of year when as Early Years Educators we start to plan our cards, gifts and Christmas keepsakes. Traditionally ourselves and other nurseries would work for weeks creating beautifully handcrafted cards. All identical in style and design. Children would sit and follow instructions and every child would leave the setting with a identical card or gift! However, we have been carefully and mindfully reflecting upon how much are the children just following instructions and how much of

Eco Project

It’s a challenge!  We are aiming for Holistic Health - healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy planet.  Starting with making our setting as ‘healthy’ as it can be. We are starting a project  this year and need your help.  We need Eco Champions to join our project team to audit the setting, carry out research and make recommendations for eco swaps and changes we can make to achieve our Holistic Health objectives – healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy planet.  We have role models – check out  Brighton and Hove’s first plastic-free nursery and their campaign,

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