The Learning in Loose Parts

In a world in which we are preparing our youngest generation for professions still unknown, it is imperative to fuel children’s curiosity and appetite for learning. This love of learning, along with the skills to communicate, problem-solve, and self-regulate, will lead to life-long success no matter the profession. Some might say that learning these skills will only happen behind a desk in a typical classroom, but Dimensions Educational Research Foundation’s research tells us that children who spend time in well-designed, nature-filled outdoor classrooms develop skills across all learning domains (Miller 2007). This finding is based

The Curiosity Approach

At The Curiosity Approach®, the aim is to change the way we educate children and allow them to play FREE from the constraints of predetermined ideas, topics and adult chosen ‘ themes‘. “UnADULTerated play!” Whose imagination, is it anyway? Definition – “not spoiled or made weaker by the addition of other substances; pure“ Who is in charge of THEIR play and why are we following a THEME? The play gap We are living in an age where children’s free time is being dominated by computers, TVs and computer games and iPads. Where free

Chloe & Sophie’s Special Ears Fund

Our aim is to become a go-to Communication Friendly setting in the area – the closest to us at the moment is Southampton! Quite apart from the physical equipment available for children to help them communicate in preschool, through experience we’ve learnt that practitioners and environment can make a huge difference to a child’s development.  All our lovely staff use British Sign Language (to one extent or another!) and delight in the smiles that it brings.  Together with parents involvement, we love to see their confidence and independence grow.  Chloe and Sophie’s Special Ear Fund is

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