The weeks are rolling by and we are now into the second half of our Autumn term.

It’s the time of year when as Early Years Educators we start to plan our cards, gifts and Christmas keepsakes.

Traditionally ourselves and other nurseries would work for weeks creating beautifully handcrafted cards. All identical in style and design.

Children would sit and follow instructions and every child would leave the setting with a identical card or gift!

However, we have been carefully and mindfully reflecting upon how much are the children just following instructions and how much of their own personal ideas, thinking and individuality are being used when creating your Christmas card or present?

Please be reassured that children will still have the opportunity to create a Christmas masterpiece. We are not stopping making things for children to take home. A wonderful keep sake just for you to cherish and save as they grow older.

However, this year we are looking to ensure they are utterly unique and personal to every single child.

Imagine your child bringing home a card or gift that looks completely different than any other card created within the class.

A card that’s made with loving care and attention to detail. Especially for you!

It may have smudge marks, finger prints or just a few random stuck items stuck here or there.

However it looks, you’ll know it’s created following their own ideas and thinking, created with love and Christmas wishes.

We cannot wait to share with you the children’s individual Christmas creations.

 The reasons why

As we know children grow up so quickly, so surely, it’s a time to cherish by helping them have experiences that they will look back with fond memories. Creating items that are unique to the individual and not clones, copies or replicas of a design dictated by the adult. We no longer want them to be strung across the classroom all look exactly the same, with no individuality or personality allowed in their creations.

So, after much though and consideration, we wanted to stop adult direction and interference allowing your child to create a gift personal to them and you!

We are now looking to capture a moment in time where by children are at their most creative, expressive and have the confidence to create artwork of such beauty and individuality.

Isn’t it true, that as we get older we are weighed down by pre-conceived ideas that we cannot draw, paint sing or create. So, at this critical time in your young child’s learning, we aim to build children’s self-esteem. Showing them that we value their creations, their drawings and artwork.

Our aim is to show that we love and respect them enough to allow them to create a card, picture or calendar special enough to give to you their loved one. That is UNIQUE to them, created with love and freedom of expression, instead of a directing hand, pointing where to position and stick!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso


A Child’s Art is:

A freedom of expression!

A sense of CURIOSITY, to make sense of the world through emotion and creativity. It is unique to the artist and cannot be replicated.

Whether you agree or disagree, please think carefully about the product-based activities introduced within your settings, take heed and just bear in mind the following questions:

WHO is it for?

What are the learning opportunities for the child?

We no longer want to be stuck in a tradition of creating crafts for the sake of creating them?

We want to help educate our team and be supported by you our parents, to help stop creating product-based activities?

We need to get OFF the conveyer belt procession of constant Christmas crafts?

Can you help us make a change?

As part of our Curiosity Approach journey we aim to look at every aspect of children’s experiences in these Early Years, to place your child at the centre of everything we do !

TO allow our youngest children to have the freedom to create their own creations and artwork, in this hurried world where we are led by tests, targets and sadly conforming to pre-conceived norms or set standards.

Allow children this time  and space to follow their own learning styles, to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. To create artwork which is beautiful and expressive, exquisite enough to adorn any art gallery.


How amazing to know they are no longer pushed to fit into a box and all conform to produce the EXACT SAME ITEM.

Allowing each child to be unique, to become immersed in activities where they are lost in the moment.

To become deeply engaged, unhurried and rushed. To be curious and inquisitive to explore mediums and resources. Allowing children TIME to create with love and emotion. Allowing children, the opportunity to EXPRESS themselves without direction, comment or judgement.

We are super excited to provide the children with the resources, support and encouragement to get creative and to make you a card or gift that truly represents them


We hope that this letter and update will help you understand our thinking, especially if  your child decides to only glue 2 pieces on your Christmas card instead of coming home that pristine adult directed one. 

However, they create it, the important thing is that THEY CREATED IT JUST FOR YOU AND IT WAS MADE WITH LOVE

Thank you for reading and your kind consideration of the changes we are making at this festive time